The rules that you'll need to accept in order to use our services.
§1 Contributions and conversations
§1.1 Prohibited contents
No pornography, inciting contents, death wishes and other illegal things are allowed and will be immediately punished with a permanent ban.

§1.2 Spamming
Spamming is not allowed in this forum.
Spamming will be punished with a warning.

§1.3 Insults and sedition
In the forum you may not insult.
Insults are punished with a ban of three days.

§1.4 Spreading infections
Before uploading anything, you must be sure that no viruses or similar are contained in the "Product".
If you are not sure, select the prefix "Possibly Infected". If the product contains a virus or similar, select the prefix "Infected".

§1.5 Advertising
In the forum it is strictly forbidden to make advertisement.
Advertising is punished with a ban of three days.

§1.6 Provocation
Anyone who provokes other people is punished with a ban of three days. If it's the first time, we'll just give you a warning.

You can help us to keep the forum clean by using the report function :)

§1.7 Profile messages
Profile messages may only be updated every 2 hours.
If a rule violation occurs, you will be banned for one day per profile message.

The editing of already existing profile messages is allowed at any time.

§2 Rights
§2.1 Posts
The team has the rights to delete or close posts without reason.

§2.2 Bans and warnings
We have the right of the house, and so we are allowed to punish people if we consider it appropriate.

§2.3 Unwanted users
The team has the rights to ban unwanted users directly and permanently without reason.

§2.4 Changes to the set of rules
The team has the right to change the rules at any time without informing the users about the change.

§2.5 Pin threads
The team has the right to pin threads at any time, or to cancel a pinning if you think it is necessary.

§3 Creation of accounts
§3.1 Trash mails
Trash mails are not allowed in the forum! Accounts created with a trash-mail will be deleted immediately (including all posts by the respective user).

§3.2 Faking people
The team has the right to delete accounts that were created under a different name.

§3.3 Offensive names
Accounts with an offensive name will also be deleted.

§3.4 Consents
With the registration you agree to the rules.
We have informed you that you will receive a fair punishment for breaking the rules.

§3.5 Number of accounts
Only one account may be created per person to prevent spam!
If desired, accounts can be approved by moderators or admins.
Should there be a violation, all accounts of the person, the IP address of the person and the e-mails will be banned.

§4 Miscellaneous
§4.1 Obligation to report bugs
You are obliged to report found bugs in the right subforum in a timely manner.

Now the punishments are listed, if someone breaks the rules:

- Warning (possible account restriction)
- Blocking from individual sub-forums or posts
- temporary exclusion from the forum
- permanent exclusion from the forum
- Deletion of all achievements (statistics)